Raise your hand if you’re sick of sitting in soulless Zoom presentations where all you here is:

“Is the audio working?” “How do I share my screen? Can you see my slides?” “Why is the lighting so bad?” “Can someone share the link with Steve and Carol? Anyone have Steve’s phone #? Can you Slack Carol?”

Zoom fatigue is real, but Zoom’s not the problem, bad presentations and unprepared presenters with bullet-point-itis are the problem.

Which is why I created this free guide.

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You’ll learn everything you need to create, deliver, and record, brilliant virtual presentations (on any platform, not just Zoom), so that everybody who watches them, including Steve and Carol, will be so envious they ask you for all your secrets.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re sick of the super-awkward have-to-click-two-buttons-while-staring-at-the-corner-of-the-screen experience that happens every time you leave a Zoom call? Fear not. I have a solution to that.

Check it out!

Explore the guide now

p.s. I made the guide free (you don’t even need an email) because as a brand new startup, I think it’s more valuable that folks share it with someone else vs. jumping on a list.

Happy presenting, and lemme know what you think at @bethekeynote.

Oli Gardner

Founder, Be the Keynote