The Presentation eXperience Design (PxD) Certification Course

Our flagship training course redefines the presentation development process. This video-driven course includes: defining who you are as a speaker, structure, story & flow, and how to design an experience specifically for your audience. At the end of the course you can take the free certification test to become an accredited Be the Keynote PxD expert.

Price (USD): $249

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The Presentation eXperience Design (PxD) Process

Great presentations are architected to reflect two things: your purpose and values as a speaker, and the experiences you want your audience to see, hear, and feel. The PxD process uses a unique approach to uncover your Star Power. You’ll learn how to define your experience moments, and how to map out your talk on the Pulse Line, which represents the heartbeat of your presentation.

The Presentation eXperience Design (PxD) Process - Pulse Line
The Presentation eXperience Design (PxD) Process - Moment Matrix


The reason and guiding principles behind why you are a speaker.


The idea and message you want to share with the world.


A story within a story. One beat from the heart of your presentation.


The type of experience you give to the audience during a pulse.


The catalyst for each pulse and the events that drive your narrative.


The physical manifestation of a pulse and the expression of the moment.


The slides, words, and media, you use to communicate.


The passages from one pulse to the next bind our story arc and flow.