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Be the Keynote founder Oli Gardner is on a mission to rescue bad bullet points from the presenters who made them that way. He’s an award-winning public speaker and a veteran of hundreds of speaking engagements. Frequently the top-rated speaker he has developed methods for presentation design and performance that consistently deliver amazing results. Oli has coached many beginner and advanced speakers who have seen accelerated growth in their speaking skills and careers.

Watch Videos of Oli in action
About Be the Keynote

He is available to speak at virtual and in-person events, and corporate training sessions, on the following topics, which can be customized to meet your event’s needs.

All talks are guaranteed to be entertaining and highly actionable.

  • How to Deliver a Flawless Virtual Presentation: Everything you need to be the best virtual presenter at any event.
  • Getting Started as a Public Speaker: This presentation will give beginners the best opportunity to succeed and accelerate their careers. You’ll define who you are as a speaker, the techniques you should learn first, and how to overcome imposter syndrome and stage fright.
  • Surviving the Presentation Apocalypse: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Virtual presentations are rife with technical obstacles that can ruin even the best talks. Learn how to prepare for and avoid the most common (and some rare) mistakes presenters face.
  • You can also request a different topic about speaking

Videos of Oli Speaking

Below are some video examples of Oli in action.

The Marketing IQ Manifesto

A 14-minute award-winning presentation. Note: the topic is marketing, not public speaking, but it demonstrates Oli’s speaking skills.

Bullet Points Suck… Unless You Use the Progressive Reveal Technique

An example speaker training video.

How to Be Amazing at Audience Participation – With the QTINTA Technique

Teaching people how to do audience participation correctly on stage.